A Mother’s Heart is one that notices and takes care of everything, in which there is a wish for everyone inside it to be cared for, and thus happy. In Mother’s Heart there is an awareness that developing talents that we all have been gifted with, is a way to achieve happiness. A talent does not mean only artistic abilities, remarkable mathematical mind or language skills. It can also be a passion for nature, diligence in cleaning or a skill of taking up demanding challenges calmly. If we do what we have skills in – what makes us happy, we live life to the fullest. 

But what is this fullness exactly? It means using talents, doing what we have been cut out for. This way we achieve true happiness, but also enrich others with our efforts and contribute to their development and happiness. One’s fullness leads to somebody else’s fullness… and in the end everything becomes whole.  We want everyone, 
who will come to our foundation to reach such fullness of life with our help.

Our goals

Discovering talents

We want to help everyone live life to the fullest
by discovering and developing talents. 

Developing talents

We would like to remove barriers
to talent development.

Multiplying talnets

Our job is to multiply talents
and prevent their waste.


  • Creating space for talent development.
  • Preventing civilization diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle – mainly depression.
  • Raising society’s awareness of the principles of sustainable development.
  • Taking initiatives aimed at bringing people together by organizing meetings of different kinds, affiliate programs, cooperation on many levels.
  • Organization of concerts, which give an opportunity to present talents. Concerts  additionally motivate to develop abilities. It is also a very enjoyable time for families. 
  • Connecting people, who have some unmet needs with those who can help to meet such needs, using resources effectively.
  • Removing barriers to talent development by meeting primal needs of people, who, for reasons like malfunction or indisposition, cannot meet those needs themselves. Moreover, we organize workshops close to people who need them. 


Maria Pietrzak –
President of the Foundation

A happy wife and mother of four children. Ph.D. in Economics in the field of management sciences, an assistant professor at the Institute of Management – Warsaw School of Economics, organizer of meetings, workshops, conferences for mothers. Deeply moved by the message of the Parable of the Talents, she has felt a calling to help others with development of their potential, so more people could find their own way and live life to the fullest.

Marta Ząbkowska –
Vice-President of the Foundation

A happy wife and mother of three children. Graduate of the Strzemiński  Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź in the field of graphic design, engaged in photography and drawing. Following the words of Psalm 1, she takes care of multiplying her own talents and talents of other people, so they could bear fruit “in their own time”.

The English version of the Foundation Statute: